Chimneys & Repointing

As the highest point on your home chimneys are often exposed to high winds and heavy rain. Over time this can lead to damaged or cracked brickwork and chimney pots

If the chimney is used for an active fire then any damage can reduce the effectiveness of the chimney and from the outside it can leave your property with a less than appealing exterior.

Worse still, a severely damaged chimney can affect the foundations of your home if left to deteriorate further.

Just like the houses they stand on, chimneys come in all shapes and sizes. Forever Roofing is equipped to repair and rebuild most of them.

Chimney Stack Repointing

Our highly trained and experienced roofers can repair and replace damaged brickwork and reseal mortar to prevent damp and leaks.

Chimney Flashing

Forever Roofing are experts in all kinds of chimney flashing including lead, aluminium, or copper, steel and reshingling.

Chimney Flaunching

Our expert roofers can replace damaged cement mortar at the top of your chimney stack that holds your chimney pot in place and reseal or replace your flauching.

Lead Work

Leadwork plays an integral role in the structure and durability of your roof. Lead flashings act as a joint to connect various parts of your roof and ensure it is protected from the elements.

Though it is one of the oldest building materials still in use lead is also one of the most durable. Its resistance to atmospheric corrosion means lead will last longer than any of its synthetically produced alternatives. So while lead may be slightly more expensive initially, its durability and lifespan means it offers the best value for money long-term.

Forever Roofing have over 20 years’ experience and are highly skilled in carrying out all kinds of leadwork from roof flashings at valleys, to more complex work on dormers and other roofing features.